Applied game theory seminar

This is the web page for the AGT seminar run by Steven Berghout and Julian Lyczak.


Games are part of everyday life. In this seminar we will irregularly convene in an informal setting to discuss game theory as it applies to specific practical examples. New participants are welcome to join and are particularly encouraged to introduce their games of interest. All board, tile and card games apply.


The Applied Game Theory seminar will continue in March 2017! New participants are also very welcome. Participating in the seminar will be available for everyone! Participation in previous versions of the seminar is in no way required.

Schedule for 2017

#DateStarting atLocationAdditional information
13 March17.00FooBar

Schedule for 2016

#DateStarting atLocationAdditional information
121 January17.00FooBar
225 February17.00FooBar
33 March17.00FooBar
417 March17.00FooBar
521 April17.00FooBar
612 May17.00FooBar
726 – 27 MayHotel Van der Valk, VeenendaalAGT on location
89 June (canceled)17.00FooBar
928 August – 2 SeptemberHotel Seeduyn, VlielandIntensive week of AGT, for programme see below
1024 – 25 novemberHotel Het Witte Huis, SoestAGT on location

Intensive week of AGT 2016

In the week from Sunday the 28th of August to Friday the 2nd of September there will be an Intensive week of AGT, which will take place at the Hotel Seeduyn on the Isle of Vlieland. The locations listed below are located in the main building of this hotel. Each day will have two sessions: one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Most sessions will be focused on one of the more interesting topics occuring in current and popular research. If there is no programme listed, participants are encouraged to proceed in informal discussions on personal research. To first introduce each other with one's interests, there is the possibility to present your own favourite topics on Tuesday evening. If you want to make use of this possibility please contact Julian. In the morning and between the sessions in the afternoon and evening there will be lectures on unrelated topics.

DateTime of dayLocationAdditional information
Sunday 28 AugustAfternoonArrival
EveningLoungeSpecial evening on Elder Sign
Monday 29 AugustAfternoonNo programme
EveningLoungePresentations of personal favourite topics
Tuesday 30 AugustAfternoonBarSpecial afternoon on 7 Wonders
EveningLoungeSpecial evening on Terra Mystica
Wednesday 31 AugustAfternoonLoungeSpecial afternoon on Power Grid
EveningNo programme
Thursday 1 SeptemberAfternoonLoungeSpecial afternoon on 7 Wonders
EveningLoungeSpecial evening on Agricola
Friday 2 SeptemberAfternoonDeparture

Schedule for 2015

#DateStarting atLocation
418 October17.00Common room
324 September17.00FooBar
29 July17.00Common room/FooBar
123 June17.00Common room

Important links

Treated topics

Here is a list of topics treated in the seminar in the past. This does not exclude these topics from further investigation.

Possible future topics

Here is the result of research done by Raymond van Bommel into possibly interesting future topics (source: private communications): and a topic suggested by Peter Koymans: and one by Johan Commelin: Also, the organisation is planning to treat the following topics in the upcoming sessions