An informal seminar on the method of Chabauty and Coleman, spring 2020

This is the web page for an informal seminar on the method of Chabauty and Coleman with the slogan "Bring your slippers" run by Nick Rome and Julian Lyczak at IST.


The method of Chabauty and Coleman is a technique for obtain effective results on the set of points on a curve by embedding the curve in its Jacobian. The first technique only applies in the cases where the rank is smaller than the genus. In this seminar we will discuss this techniques and apply it to explicit curves, but hopefully we will also have time to go into its extensions such as quadratic and non-abelian Chabauty.


Jan 22Motivation
Why am I interested in Chabauty?
An introduction to Chabauty–Coleman

Julian Lyczak
Nick Rome
Jan 29Arithmetic of curves Francesca Balistrieri
Feb 5p-adic analysis
Feb 12Classical Chabauty
Feb 19Quadratic Chabauty